Thursday, June 6, 2013

Iphone Verizon and the facts that people are looking for online. The long anticipated release date for the Iphone on the verizon network is quickly approaching. People using the Verizon network have been waiting for this date since the Iphone was launched on the At&t network in 2007. >>> Get Your Iphone Here<<< The release dates for the Iphone begin on February 2nd for current verizon customers which is the pre-order. The Iphone will be available in the stores on February 10th. The long lines will be expected so we suggest that you go ahead and pre-order if you are already a Verizon customer so that you avoid the long lines and chaos that is sure to follow on the official release day. >>>Don't Wait In Line, Get Your Iphone Here<<< Many people are concerned about the pricing of the Iphone and the plans that cover the phone. As of this writing this is the up to date information we have. The phones begin at $199 for the 16GB phone and are $299 for the 32GB. The pricing plans vary depending on if one wants unlimited voice or unlimited texting. Of course everyone will have to get the data plan whick is $20 extra a month. The plans for voice and text range from $39.99 to $69.99. Verizon Wireless has some more facts and details on their website as well as on some of the forums for people who want to get up to minute details and more information on the Iphone plans and service
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